Welcome to the bridal henna course, this is a bridal beginners guide which carries on from the foundation training course. The bridal course constitutes of three main basic bridal patterns, I have tried to keep these simple for individuals as you are new to henna designs. I have included tutorial videos on the bridal patterns, the videos breakdown the pattern and give step by step instructions. The patterns include common and repetitive motifs in bridal henna and it will really help to master and practice these to improve your designs. You will need to print the templates which includes a total of seven pages, each template has a video tutorial to help guide you. For each video there is an informative learning section giving you tips on the designs and practical bullet points which will give you guidance on the practical.


What you will need when doing bridal henna.

  1. Reliable good quality henna cones.
  2. Cushion – for comfort.
  3. Towel/cloth – to protect furniture, cushions and clothing.
  4. Lemon juice sealant in a spray bottle.
  5. Tissue paper/baby wipes.
  6. Scissors – to cut the henna cone if the tip is too fine.



The grid box tutorial is a repetitive pattern in bridal designs as it is a simple gap filler. You don’t necessarily have to use this infill I have demonstrated as you can be as creative as you wish and make your own style. The tutorial I made is quite simple which will help ease you into more complex designs.


  • Keep the gaps between each line equal.
  • Try and keep the lines as straight as you can.
  • Lines should not be too close nor should they be too far apart.
  • Dot one line and miss one to create details in the lines.
  • Rules for creating tidy and neat dots.
  1. Should not be too big.
  2. Not too small.
  3. Not too close.
  4. Not too far apart.
  • When creating the lines drag the henna across without scraping against the surface.
  • Try to practice horizontal lines if you are struggling.


  • On the templates go over the lines which are already printed.
  • Finish off the lines as shown in the video.
  • Once the lines are done add the dots.
  • Use the empty boxes to keep practicing the lines independently.
  • Use the empty boxes to create lines independently.


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