Bridal design two – repetitive details



Bridal design two – repetitive details

This design is a simple bridal pattern which looks great once completed. The method used is a repetition of basic henna motifs which are continuous throughout the pattern. This design is only a guideline but if you want to be creative or feel more confident you can try a repetition of different motifs.


  • The bridal design in the video begins with the arched motif to begin the design. You may start off the bridal using a different motif if you wish.
  • Try and keep the details intricate and small so it does not expand too much. Some henna artists have a bigger style of henna but that is fine as long as they are neat and tidy motifs.
  • When creating this design on a real bride ensure a faint henna line is drawn on either side of the hand so all the details are created neatly inside these lines.


  • On a hand template start off the bridal design as shown in the video.
  • Create the repetitive motifs as demonstrated in the video.
  • Once you have created the repetitive motifs all the way down to the hand you can border the fingers (as shown at 39.40 mins in the video).
  • Once the border lines are done on the fingers carry on with the repetitive details till completed.
  • When the repetition is completed finish off the fingertips as shown in the video.


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