Some new students struggle to use a henna cone which can be frustrating and may make you feel deflated, however this just needs practice. Before attempting any of the templates you will need to learn to use the henna cone. Try and spend 1-2 days using a reliable henna cone to make simple shapes and lines. I have provided an exercise template which you may use. Use the template to build your henna cone control skills and then use a plain paper to draw shapes and lines for further practice. Each person doing henna has their own technique to hold the henna cone, try and find a way which is comfortable for you. You will need to adapt to using a full cone, half empty cone and near empty cone as each one will need you to change the way it is held.

Full henna cone – when the henna cone is full it is useful to hold it like a pencil so less pressure can be applied.

Not so full henna cone – as you use the henna cone it will decrease in size as it empties. To ensure the henna is getting used roll the top down to push the henna towards the tip of the cone.

You can improve henna skills by increasing your manual dexterity by repetition, practice and focus.


  • When snipping the henna cone use a sharp scissors so that the tip of the cone remains flat. Try and cut the hole as small as possible then squeeze some henna out. If the henna cone hole is still too small then snip slightly more being careful not to cut too much.
  • Full cone – hold the cone as you would hold a pen, push and put pressure using the thumb.
  • Half cone – squeeze more near the tip, double cone and press with thumb to squeeze henna out.
  • Cleaning cone – pinch lightly/squeeze a little henna out onto tissue paper (this will also stop blockage).