Henna Pixie is a creative henna business by Nazreen Akhtar, whose aesthetics began at the tender age of thirteen and has thrived into a bridal and training academy at the age of 25. She is a self taught henna artist and is now also delivering training classes for other enthusiastic individuals. Over the years her work has become recognised nationally and internationally and is often requested to do bridal henna in other middle eastern countries.

Nazreen’s passion for henna art began in Pakistan where she grew up and has also lived there in her adult age. She is inspired by arabic henna as well as Indian henna patterns, she creates a fusion of these to create her own style of henna. Nazreen’s work is a reflection of her personality and individual character, not only does she limit herself to bridal henna but also creates products inspired by henna art. With an eye for detail she is inspired by her surroundings often retrieving ideas from designs on products and recreating with her own individual style.

Her intricate details are bound to astound, from canvases, candles, to cakes her talent is not merely limited to the traditional hands and feet of a bride. Nazreen’s intricate gift candles were not only displayed in Bradfords Kala Sangam art centre but she also makes them for clients world-wide and sells them in a gift shop Mellow Moments. Aswell as candles she has also made display canvases for a sheesha cafe Serenity based in Leeds.  Though residing in Leeds, Nazreen is willing to travel anywhere in the UK as long as travelling expenses are paid for.